Monday, May 14, 2012

Momofuku Milk Bar Carroll Gardens 04-28-2012

Location: 360 Smith St.
Time: 2pm
People: CF, CR, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: My dear friends CF and CR were in town from DC, and we met at Court Street Grocers for a tasty sandwich brunch in Carroll Gardens. Afterwards for dessert, we stopped at the newest Momofuku branch, Momofuku Milk Bar, conveniently located by the F/G Carroll Street stop on Smith Street. This location is the biggest of all but still with the same trusted menu. 

"Another Milk Bar?" is exactly what RB and I said when we saw that ubiquitous neon milk sign. But can we really complain about their blueberry&cream cookies and soft serve? If you have visitors, this is a great destination in the neighborhood. 

My coldbrew coffee, the staple summer drink in the city, was smooth and refreshing. We really can't go into a coffee shop not seeing a sign says,"coldbrew coffee" nowadays. Since I enjoy its bold flavor, I hope it'll be on the menu all year around everywhere. 

Besides the heavenly coldbrew, CR's salty pistachio softserve was a definite winner. "I dream about it.." said CF. "I liked it because it wasn't too sweet." I get the feeling that CR and CF will return to NYC perhaps just for the sandwiches from Court Street Grocers and this softserve. 

The noticeable difference about this location is its hours. This spacious Milk Bar is open everyday from 7am to 10pm. It'll be very difficult for commuters like us to ignore that coldbrew and bagel bombs on the way to work.


Anonymous said...

Itz true. I dreamz bout it. yumyumyum. -Xtina

Jenn said...

Lucky Brooklynites. Get all the good stuff. But at least Queens has our ethnic eateries! Booyah!

And you're right, who COULD resist the blueberries & creme cookie? It's perfection!