Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pane Panelle 03-01-2012

Location: 305 Church St.
Time: 1pm
People: JR and myself

Feelings: As a vegetarian, it is always difficult to find non meat sandwiches. I was pleasantly surprised by the vegetarian friendly menu of Tribeca's Sicilian sandwich joint, Pane Panelle. As the name suggests, the charisma of this spot resides with panelle (chickpea fritter) sandwiches.Even a meat loving sandwich connoisseur, ALev recommends panelle sandwiches here over muffuletta or other meaty sandwiches available.

At 1pm, the take out area was packed with hungry customers, but the dining space was nearly empty. It is a perfect little spot to have a relaxing lunch if you want to avoid bustling SoHo lunch scene. The service is prompt, and I enjoyed the neighborhood atmosphere instead of other many overly hip places in the area.

I did say vegetarian friendly, but it does not mean healthy by any means. My PLT ($8, panelle, lettuce, tomato, mayo) was well executed, and the panelle was fresh and perfectly crunchy. The nuttiness from the chickpea reminded me of fried tofu. I might have preferred more artisan, hearty bread, however.

JR thought her eggplant parm sandwich ($11) was "pretty good." "Haven't met too many eggplants I didn't like!" she added.

Pane Panelle is not a trendy spot with mind blowing food, but they serve solid, comforting sandwiches that are perfect for vegetarian lunch. They are also open until 11pm with happy hour from 4-7pm, so this might be an excellent spot to catch up with your coworkers after work.

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Jenn said...

You should've come to Choice Eats last week! It was awesome and so much good food to choose from. Fifty bucks gets you a lot of good eats. :-) Next year maybe?

Looking forward to the next R&F!