Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Akdeniz 12-29-2011

Location: 19 W. 46th St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: JR and myself

Feelings: Virgo's characteristics: Independent, analytical, organized, cold and fussy. It is hard living as a Virgo. I am constantly trapped in a mental cage and just cannot ever let myself go. If something is not perfect, I get irritated and must fix it immediately or completely abandon it. My old friend JR, a fellow Virgo, understands how insanely fastidious we can be. We often discuss this over lunch and have a good laugh about it.

Today, JR and I met up at a Turkish restaurant, Akdeniz in Little Brazil row in Midtown. The restaurant was packed with tired office workers and cheerful holiday tourists. Don't let the hall-in-the wall vibe of the restaurant fool you. The prices here are not cheap by any means. I ordered humus ($6.50) and lebni ($6.50, thick home made yogurt with walnuts, mint and dill), which were both smooth and creamy but utterly overpriced. I am spoiled by all the amazing yet reasonable places on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, so paying $6.50 for a small plate of hummus does not sound like a good value. But the smoothness of hummus and yogurt went perfectly with their crispy bread, so I forgave the inflated prices.

Unlike my cold appetizers, JR's Greek salad ($8.95, grape leaves, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and olive oil) was a great deal. With tons of cheese, it is something even non salad eaters would enjoy.

Since there aren't many Middle Eastern sit down restaurants in Midtown West, Akdeniz is a solid option for lunch. It is your standard Middle Eastern fare with good service, and if you avoid pricey entrees ($15 and up), you can enjoy salads and various tasty appetizers without spending too much. Overall, it was perfectly acceptable for two finicky Virgos in Midtown.


kim said...

I passed by this Turkish restaurant, but the prices steered me away. I make my own hummus at home (I adore this dip). I'm planning to brunch in Brooklyn (for a change of scenery). Any good recommendation? :)

Yosh. O said...

Home/Made, Rucola, Bocca Lupo, Char No4, The Farm of Adderley, Stone Park, 61 Local, Colonie, Seersucker are all great!! Have a great time.