Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Raspberry-Chocolate Bûche de Noël 12-25-2011

Feelings: I hope you had a nice holiday break full of deliciousness! This year, RB and I brought to the family Christmas dinner an even larger and more decadent Bûche de Noël ($50!), special ordered from Ceci Cela in SoHo. It was raspberry and chocolate flavored and resembled Black Forest Cake but far better. The subtle tart and sourness of the fresh raspberries brought the light flavor to the overall cake. The texture was soft and airy and gently melted in the mouth.

Being a flavor snob and finicky eater with all sorts of food restrictions, there are not many things I could eat at American suburban homes. So I look forward to these delicate and luscious French desserts. Whatever that is happening at the dinner table, these amazing desserts keep me grounded and remind me that my heart and soul belong to the big city-- the city that is full of options, full of umami and flavor possibilities-- and for a few brief bites, I am transported from this realm of strip malls.

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