Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide! 12-16-2011

Feelings: Although I am usually a finicky Virgo who only appreciates cash or gift cards, I know that it is a gift giving season. Since I enjoyed Ms. Rath's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide (Thanks JR for your stylish inspiration!), I decided to do R+F version here. What's your favorite food gift?

1) Laduree's Les Macarons The Houndstooth Collection
They also have baby gifts, so why not bring a box of macarons and bibs to a new mom?

2) Bûche de Noël from Payard, Dominique Ansel, Ceci-Cela
Make sure to special order one!

3) Honey cakes by Bee Dessert

4) Gift baskets from Margaret Palca Bakes

5) Bialys from Kossar's

6) Milk Bar's flavored butter

7) Caneles from Dominique Ansel, Les Caneles de Celine

8) Chocolates from Mast Brothers

9) Gift cards for Bosie Tea Parlor

10) Wagashi from Minamoto Kichoan

11) Surprise her with a Japanese tea ceremony at Cha An!

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