Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice + Beer 06-29-2011

Feelings: Have you ever put ice in your beer? Well, now you can if you're in Japan. Kirin's "Ice Plus Beer"--beer specifically marketed to be consumed with ice-- will be released this summer, and they even made sure that the flavor and aroma of beer will not be watered down.

Japan's new setsuden, electricity conservation culture is behind this new product. People are really participating in conserving energy in Japan, especially after the wake of the nuclear power plant disaster. My parents no longer use the air conditioners even in terrifyingly muggy Osaka summer. Japan's famous street vending machines are turned off. More people are looking for a new way to cool down, and beer with ice sounds like a great idea. Some people put ice in their wine--so why not beer?

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Mina said...

I wish Americans were like this... Being environmentally friendly in more practical ways beyond recycling.