Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mint Tea from Harney and Sons 02-05-2011

Location: 433 Broome St.

Feelings: I do something several times a everyday that would be frowned upon in Japan. I drink tea from tea bags. I am a busy fashion obsessed new mom with a full time job, and I just don't have time to enjoy tea properly. Actually, that's a lie. I've been using tea bags even before I became a mom. When I do want to enjoy the proper tea, I head over to Cha-An in East Village for some pu erh, but on daily basis, I enjoy my plebeian tea dust bag collection: ginger, mint, hojicha, raspberry leaf and oolong.

I have been meaning to try the new tea store in SoHo, Harney and Sons ever since I heard from SaSha and RB. Since there have been more sample sales in SoHo recently, it would be a good excuse to be down there during lunch break. But alas, I never make it there. Thankfully, RB works close to the store, and he surprised me with a box of Tilleul Mint tea bags. You can read more about the store on SaSha's tea blog here.

First of all, this is not a tea bag. It's a "whole leaf tea sachet." Tea bags have such a negative connotation nowadays, unfortunately linked to the unfortunate political movement. But this mint tea sachet has high quality loose tea inside without any bitter hint of Fox News. It has a refreshing yet not overpowering mint flavor, and it is overall quite light and soothing. Sashay away, tea bags. I can't wait to try more of these convenient yet delicious tea sachets from Harney and Sons.

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Sara Shacket said...

I have to make a return trip to H&S! It's a great place. I also put Cha-An on my list of places to go!