Friday, January 7, 2011

Baked 01-02-2011

Location: 359 Van Brunt St.
Time: 3pm
People: JBH, TH, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: At short time ago, Baked was a hidden gem with their famous salty- sweet cupcakes and lemon bars, but now it certainly can be considered as a Brooklyn institution. Even people who would not trek to Red Hook for IKEA would take a bus for Baked. People who don't take pleasure in sweets or baked goods would appreciate their subtly sweet cupcakes and brownies.

You might already be aware of my unexplainable obsession with whoopie pies. (Thanks to those of you who brought me whoopie pies and whoopie pie tips!) RB usually never likes whoopie pies, but he admittedly said their version of whoopie pie was very tasty. It was moist and fluffy with strong chocolate flavor, and the luscious filing was ever so creamy and scrumptious. There was not a hint of dryness, which is how RB often describes the whoopie world.

RB's Coca-Cola chocolate bundt cake was incredibly moist and chocolatey. He could not taste any coke flavor, but he thoroughly enjoyed the decadently tasty cake.

The seating here is limited and rather disheveled and dirty, so it would probably be the best to opt for a take out. I do wonder, however, do we love Baked so much because it's in utterly inconvenient Red Hook? It might hold the same concept of DVF sample sales: when you line up for an hour, anything at the sale looks fantastic. If Baked had opened in a convenient location in Manhattan, I am not sure if they would get this much of a cult following.

Also, if you ever wonder whatever happened to all the snow from the Christmas week blizzard, we found the answer in front of Baked. We witnessed a sanitation truck dumping all the snow in the middle of Van Brunt street.


Unknown said...

Okay, so I just tried the pumpkin chocolate chip loaf from Baked and it is equally tasty! Really good. And I got a big slice. I had to share it. Highly recommend Baked. We'll let you know how that $16 blondie mix turns out.

Yosh. O said...

are you guys baking that for the party?!

Unknown said...

I dunno. We're definitely bringing blondies. I know Thurmon wants to do a type of cinnamon or maple blondie from scratch though.
Glad you'll be able to make it!