Friday, December 24, 2010

3rd Annual Holiday Cookie Jamboree 12-16-2010

Location: Good Co. 10 Hope St BK
Time: 8pm
People: Lots of cookie lovers

Feelings: This year RB and I completely forgot our wedding anniversary, which proves that we are not much of a festive type. Without MeSoHungry's Annual cookie party, I might not even remember that Christmas and the New Year are near.

Festive people filled the venue, Good Co, a low key bar in Williamsburg where there was even a party bus parked. I usually try to stay away from Williamsburg, but this bar was less dingy and carried the actual aesthetics that did not solely depend on sophomoric irony. What a perfect spot for a cookie party!

There were so many cookies that it was nearly impossible for me to pick the "Ramen and Friends" award. Especially after the 5th or 6th cookies, I could not tell them apart. Then, I came across refreshingly tangy Lemon Custard Cookies that were created by some mystery gentleman. The texture was soft, and the harmonious, sophisticated flavor of buttery and tangy really stood out. He took home the award-- I hope he's enjoying a week worth of Charumera Ramen.

It was a lovely night of bands and friends to reminisce the year. It was also a good reminder that the holiday was near. RB picked up a baby Christmas Tree the next morning for CK's first Christmas.

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Unknown said...

Yay, lemon. Anything with lemon is divine in my book.

I hope to actually go to this next year. And there's a big one I want to hit up also. Let the competitiveness begin!