Monday, October 25, 2010

Totto Ramen Lunch 10-12-2010

Location: 366 West 52nd St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: PMont, JR and myself

Feelings: After an extremely high stressful yet delicious experience at Totto Ramen back in June, I went back for lunch with friends. I still believe that they have the best veggie ramen in the city, and I was hoping I would be able to experience it with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere this time around. Four months after opening, there was still a line out the door, which means we of course could not get seated unless all guests were present. I was lucky to have reliable and punctual friends, but if you are meeting with flakey friends here, good luck getting a seat. This is also not a good place for group outings such as our monthly Ramen and Friends meetings since it is quite cramped in there.

As we were seated, I still felt rushed to order and eat as before, which is the nature of an authentic ramen joint. However, thanks to PMont's charismatic charm, we were able to chat quite a bit with the enthusiastic ramen chefs and were not rushed out of the restaurant.

JR and I enjoyed our Organic Vegetable Ramen ($11). Although the flavor was as good as I remembered, I felt the noodles were slightly undercooked and bitter this time. PMont thoroughly enjoyed his pork-tastic Spicy Ramen ($10.25).

If you work in Midtown and crave ramen, and all your colleagues are on diet, Totto is the perfect place for you. Either ditch those co-workers and eat your favorite pork ramen solo at the counter, or bring your health conscious friends and have them try the amazing salad-esque veggie ramen.

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