Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ike 10-09-2010

Location: South Park Slope
Time: 3:30pm
People: Lots of Ike's Friends

Feelings: As an only child from a small family, I have never been around babies growing up. Ike was the first baby I have ever held, and today was his birthday party to celebrate the big year two. This was my first kid's party experience, so I did not know what to expect. But it turned out it was just like a grown up party with adorable little kids running around. CK surely enjoyed his first balloon as well as all the attention he received.

There were home made vegan tamales and butternut squash tamales, which were smooth and delicious. We washed down the flavorful tamales with the local beer from Carroll Gardens. Ike's home made birthday cakes were all vegan and shaped into an adorable multi-car train. The carrot cake and chocolate cake were both subtly sweet and quite sophisticated. What a lucky boy! Most kids will get one mediocre cake with disgusting icing from the supermarket, but his flavor palate is already getting quite a workout at his young age. Bravo to his parents!

Although we don't really cook or bake, I would hope CK can experience many flavors as Ike does. After all, I believe receptivity and open mindedness start with one's palate. If you eat the same chicken sandwich everyday, your mind will also be sheltered. If you mask your palate with sugary sodas, your palate will be shielded off from all the delicious food out there. Food is the major representation of the culture, so if you would not even try Japanese food for example, how can you even begin to understand Japanese culture? I can't wait for CK to be exposed to all the food and different culture in the world. Luckily, we live in NYC--we can just travel to different boroughs and experience many different food instead of flying all over.

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