Thursday, September 2, 2010

CK's Brunch Debut at Bar Tabac 08-29-2010

Location: 128 Smith St. BK
Time: 12:30pm
People: MA, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: In my opinion, you are not a true New Yorker until you regularly go out for a weekend brunch. I once had some out of town friends ask me to join them for breakfast. I honestly did not know what that meant. Was I supposed to share some cereal with them at 10am on Sunday morning? If my son, CK is to grow up in this city, he must get accustomed to this brunch culture early. He already sat through a coffee session at nearby cafe, Tazza with JR and JV in the past, but this was his very first restaurant experience.

Bar Tabac, possibly the most well known restaurant in the area, is a Francophile's heaven with a hint of Brooklyn flair. It is spacious enough for strollers, and there was a live band that was conveniently louder than the crying babies.

There is nothing I love more than an omelette, potatoes and mixed greens for brunch. Lovely MA held CK while I enjoyed the Salmon and Spinach Omelette ($9.95). Unfortunately the eggs were overcooked which caused a loss in overall fluffiness, and the salmon was extremely salty.

RB's favorite, Moules Frites ($12.95) had a good flavor, and the frites were crispy. Although his favorite moules frites remains at Bistrouge, he was glad to be able to have the dish for brunch.

After RB finished his moules frites quickly and held CK, MA was finally able to enjoy her Goat Cheese Salad ($10.50). I learned that the key to successful brunch with a baby is a thoughtful and reliable friend like MA. The brunch food at Tabac is a bit average and unspectacular, but the atmosphere and the convenience gave it a very solid experience. Overall, CK's brunch debut was a big success.

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