Saturday, September 25, 2010

Building on Bond 09-19-2010

Location: 112 Bond St. BK
Time: 12:30pm
People: JLam from MeSoHungry, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: We met with JLam for an end of the summer brunch at Building on Bond. It is conveniently located by the shopping district on Atlantic Avenue, and the space is artfully decorated with rustic furniture. It is not only a perfect brunch spot but also for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just for quick drinks with friends at the bar. The waitstaff was cheery and attentive as they welcomed CK as well as other patrons with infants in lavish strollers. This is quintessential Brooklyn.

Both JLam and RB ordered eggs benedict with hash on English muffins. It was a nice mixture of creamy, salty and sweet, and the cream sauce was pleasantly not as heavy as RB expected. He also liked that the food was served on partition lunch tray for a flavor of kitsch.

I meant to order their famous fries, but I instead had scrambled eggs with home fries. I always confuse home fries with french fries, and to my dismay I usually end up with the opposite of one I wanted. The eggs were unspectacular with a lack of fluffiness but tasty nevertheless.

It gets quite crowded here during brunch, and the flavors cannot beat Home/Made in Red Hook, but Building on Bond is a nice neighborhood hangout especially for a relaxing afternoon. BoCoCa, you spoil me with your cool restaurants with spectacular service. It makes me more and more difficult to dine out in Manhattan.

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