Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mai 08-14-2010

Location: 497 Atlantic Ave.
Time: 3pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: I might have mentioned the lack of Asian cuisine in my neighborhood, BoCoCa. There is my beloved Hibino of course, but I cannot possibly afford to eat there everyday. To think that I won't have much access to authentic Asian food during my maternity leave makes me cringe. Do I have to actually cook at some point? But just because I'm Asian, that doesn't mean I can actually cook authentic Asian food. It would just be food made by authentic Asian.

I recently found Mai, a restaurant that serves Indonesian and Malaysian dishes in the neighborhood. They serve Pan South Asian dishes from Satay to Pho at affordable prices. They are of course not Chinatown or Queens prices but reasonable for the area.

I ordered Mee Rojak ($8.95 Malaysian style egg noodles in peanut lime sauce), which looked quite unappetizing especially after some diaper changes but tasty nonetheless. The tangy flavor from lime was refreshing and complimented the peanut sauce. I wish there was more heat or bold flavor to it, but it was still satisfying. While the noodles were slightly overcooked, the vegetables were fresh, and overall I enjoyed the dish. RB's Mee Goreng ($9.75) was properly greasy. The flavor was a bit more subtle than he expected from the dish.

We did not expect too much from this little Pan Asian restaurant in Boerum Hill, but it surely satisfied our South Asian food cravings. I wish there were more options in the neighborhood, but as for now, Mai will be our delivery staple.

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