Monday, May 3, 2010

Yola's Cafe 05-01-2010

Location: 524 Metropolitan Ave. BK
Time: 9pm
People: Alev, MGru, SamShady, RB and myself

Feelings: After desperately, aimlessly walking around Williamsburg for food on Saturday night, we came upon a taco joint, Yola's Cafe. ALev said he has picked up tacos from the takeout portion next door, but this sit down place must be something new.

The space was clean and spacious, and I was surprised to find a beautiful Kohler's sink in their bathroom. When was the last time you saw Kohler at a taco place? Their utensils were also brand new and clean, and all our meals were presented on pretty white square plates. I expected to be more of tacos-on-paper-plates type of a place, so this was a nice surprise.

My tasty Veggie Soft Taco ($2.75, with rice and beans) and Shrimp Soft Taco ($3.50) exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the shrimp, which was well cooked and cleaned. The veggies were fresh as well, and the portion of the food was generous. ALev also thought the fish was fresh, and the carnitas were really flavorful and well-spiced with cumin and garlic.

RB's Chorizo Texas Burrito was really special. The tasty chorizo mixed with the rice, chili and guacamole offered a beautiful symbiotic relationship of flavor.

Yola's is conveniently located and perfect for pre or post party in the heart of Williamsburg. It is reasonably priced, and while they don't serve the most authentic Mexican food, you can still enjoy their tasty tacos. I know everyone and anyone has a case of munchies before hopping onto the L or G train back home. This would be a good alternative to your overpriced neighborhood diner. And for the ladies, after a night of countless trips to abominable bathrooms at bars, their clean Kohler bathroom would be a little piece of heaven.


Unknown said...

Have you been to Taqueria Coatzel(sp?) in Jackson Heights? That place was amazing! The tacos were packed and cheap. I keep imploring friends to go with me again so I won't feel like such a glutton. But I'd highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

It's Taqueria Coatzel :)

ALev said...

Jackson Heights is food mecca indeed and I can't wait to try TC. I've heard there's a good one in Park Slope called (I think) Tacos Al Pastor. Anyone been there? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by how good these tacos were. Especially for W-burg. Especially the fish or carnitas, both of which I use as the litmus test.

Yosh. O said...

yeah i'm thinking about the taco place jenn mentioned for june r&f outing!