Monday, May 31, 2010

Pseudo Baby Shower at Floyd 05-30-2010

Location: 131 Atlantic Ave.
Time: 4pm
People: Friends

Feelings: RB and I had our last prenatal social event called, "We want to see you before the baby takes over" at a neighborhood bar, Floyd. It was fantastic to see all our friends as JLam appropriately called it, "the LOST finale." It was also strange to look around and see many strollers and children that had nothing to do with our party at the bar. One table with pseudo-baby shower and the other with baby and beer group enjoying the Happy Hour-- This proves that Floyd is indeed a baby friendly bar.

Floyd is not only baby friendly but also welcomes outside food. The dessert guru MGru brought her famous homemade cupcakes with chocolate ganache and blue sprinkles on top. I'm not sure if she remembered that I have weakness for chocolate ganache, but it was the perfect dessert for the occasion.

MKang remembered that I love anything bitter flavored and brought Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake from Sweet Melissa Patisserie, which was absolutely amazing. It was densely chocolaty yet still fluffy on the tongue. The subtle sweetness and bitter flavor made my palate more than content. I can't wait to go back to the Patisserie and try other desserts.

JBH's Pumpkin Cookies with brown butter icing were also a big hit. She got the recipe from Martha Stewart's magazine, and you can get the recipe here. Thank you JBH for baking!

Perhaps the only Roosevelt Island residents I know, JT and Ava brought delicious cookies from the Pennsylvania Mennonite family that comes to Roosevelt Island farmer's market on Saturdays. They were not overly sweet, which I love, and the texture was excellently soft and chewy. They were so delicious that they made me want to check out the farmer's market to see what else is out there.

We had a great time at Floyd, and I recommend anyone to have their low key parties here. Bartenders are friendly and helpful, and it is conveniently located near so many restaurants. After the party, some people went to Bar Tabac, some went to Chip Shop next door, and others went to Checkers. Alev, MGru, RB and I went to where else, the best Kyoto style Japanese restaurant, Hibino.


Unknown said...

Yay MGRU! I had another of her cupcakes for dinner last night! So good and moist!
Chip Shop was disappointing, but I'd recommend at least trying deep fried (insert food here) just cause.

ALev said...

Lost finale. I love that. There were the 'others' in the bar. But who was possessed by the Smoke Monster?

Also: Hibino is amazing!

Yosh. O said...

Hibino yay! Jenn, you'll have to come with us next time.

There were indeed "the others" aka babies in the bar...too many, in fact.

Unknown said...

There were a lot of babies though. I mean, I understand wanting to go out with the kids and all, but I saw one's face hit the floor, hard. That floor was made for bocce ball, not babies.

Anonymous said...

Awww...when your baby is born, he will be so 'sweet' :)

Mina said...

I'm craving the ice cream from Sweet Melissa.