Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MayDay Danger Party 05-01-2010

Location: Lock Inn, 949 Grand St. BK
Time: 5pm
People: A lot of people

Feelings: MeSoHungry had his famous annual cook out and joined forces with MGill to celebrate his birthday at Lock Inn bar in Williamsburg. The theme of the night was "dangerous food,"and I saw a spread of spicy food, including world's hottest pepper, Bhut Jolokia a.k.a. Ghost Pepper. There was also an aromatically acrimonious durian fruit, which bothered my pregnancy heightened sense of smell, but it was not nearly as bad as the cheap cologne I smell in Midtown everyday. In fact, companies should create men's durian cologne since it is slightly more pleasant than what the gentlemen of Midtown wear.

My favorite was Bonnie's chocolate cookies with ginger and a hint of cayenne peppers. They were light and perfect snacks for the party! The spicy aftertaste of cayenne peppers was not too strong, and it helped cleanse the chocolatey palate.

Happy birthday MGill, and thank you MeSoHungry for the party!


Mina said...

I agree, some cologne is just awful, headache-inducing stuff.

Yosh. O said...

yeah i may bring some durian and leave it at someone's office.

Unknown said...

I really like Jason's new logo for MeSoHungry. Now that's advertising!