Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yatsuhashi from Dainobu 04-10-2010

Location:129 East 47th St.
Time: 8pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Of course, after I left my old job on 47th Street about two years ago, they opened up a Japanese deli/convenience store called Dainobu half a block away. Dainobu reminds me of JAS Mart on 23rd Street (R.I.P.) with more wide variety of prepared food available.

While we were shopping for some Japanese groceries, I found Yatsuhashi and screamed with joy.

Months ago, JLam from MeSoHungry mentioned that his friend was looking for a specific Japanese crepe shaped confectionery he had in Kyoto. As soon as he mentioned the words, 'crepe' and 'Kyoto,' I knew that he was talking about my favorite Japanese dessert, Yatsuhashi. Since it is a regional product, I mentioned to him that it would probably be quite difficult to find in New York.

The Yatsuhashi I came across at Dainobu was nothing like Kyoto's famous Otabe brand, but it still satisfied my Yatsuhashi cravings. The chewy mochi like dough had a full of cinnamon flavor, and the red bean paste inside was very thin compared to other famous brands but still tasty. The prominent cinnamon flavor really took me back to the days when I was little when my grandfather and I used to visit temple in Kyoto region. He would always buy me a box of Yatsuhashi for the train back to Osaka. As coming from the strict household of manners and etiquette, I was never allowed to eat on the train, but he always allowed me to have a little bit of these snacks.

As I finished my Yatsuhashi, I rubbed my baby bump and wondered if my son will have the similar memories some day.


Mina said...

Awww I loved the anecdote at the end! It made me smile. I'm reminded of when I used to live in Korea; there is this snack they sell from street carts, kind of like a pancake in the shape of a fish, but with black bean paste inside. My younger brother and I would argue which way was the best way to eat it. I always nibbled on the tail first. Oh, cheap asian street food... how I miss thee.

Yosh. O said...

Oh yes we had those in Japan as well. We call it Taiyaki. I had it again on Otafuku in East Village! Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Oh...so it's a boy! :)
Do you have a name for him yet? A Japanese name perhaps?

I remembered when I visited Kyoto, stores everywhere gave out free samples of this mochi sweets. I ate so much, I didn't even need to buy any. :P

Yosh. O said...

ooh i miss those free samples!
yep we have his name-- it will be gaelic plus japanese name!