Friday, April 23, 2010

Bento Nouveau 04-17-2010

Location: 173 Broadway
Time: 5pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: After a quick trip to Century 21 for discount baby clothes, we headed to Baoguette to pick up some banh mi. Unfortunately, they were closed on weekends, so we instead picked up some noodle soup from Bento Nouveau and rushed home to watch the NBA playoffs.

Our expectation was not too high. But surprisingly, my veggie curry soba ($6.35) exceeded any prejudgment towards American-Japanese style (in this case, Canadian-Japanese) deli. The tasty curry broth had just the right amount of soupy consistency, and the onions were well cooked and absorbed all the flavor. My friend JV, who works nearby, also tried this dish a few days later. "Curry soba was so good! I would have liked to have seen more veggies, but that's my only issue," she added. RB's beef udon ($6.35) was flavorful and yummy, and the udon had very nice chewy texture that you seldom find in Deli style udon.

Noodle dishes at Bento Nouveau are not at by any means Sobakoh or Onya level, but they are quite decent deli noodles. If there was one by my work, I would definitely get their curry soba at least once a week for lunch.


Unknown said...

Baoguette is closed on weekends?!? That's horrible to read. But glad you found a nice noodle spot in the interim.

Yosh. O said...

yeah i guess the one in financial district is closed on weekends :(