Monday, March 8, 2010

Siggy's Good Food 03-07-2010 & 03-08-2010

Location: 76 Henry St.
Time: 9pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When I moved to Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights area, I realized this wasn't going to be Park Slope/Carroll Gardens type of vegetarian friendly, crunchy neighborhood. This is more of the Upper West Side of Brooklyn with more space and strollers. So when I discovered this organic, health food restaurant in the area, I was ecstatic. After seeing Michael Haneke's new film at Brooklyn Heights Cinema, we decided to pick up some food to go from Siggy's next door.

The place was crowded on Saturday night at 9pm, which is a good sign, considering other restaurants in the area looked quite empty. I ordered Wild Salmon Burger ($10, pure salmon meat, on brioche bun with veganaise, mixed greens, tomato and avocado), and RB picked up Turkey Burger ($9.50, organic turkey on brioche with swiss cheese, mixed greens, tomato, onions and ketchup). We both intensely enjoyed our burgers. The salmon and the veggies were fresh, and the creamy mixture of avocado and veganaise was to die for! I highly recommend the salmon burger here.

We liked their burgers so much so that we decided to go back the next day for another take out. Unfortunately, they do not deliver to our apartment since we technically live in Cobble Hill. If we lived on the other side of our street, they would deliver. (We were almost tempted to pull an Elaine Benes.) Oh, you snobbish Brooklyn Heights restaurant! Great Wall, the Chinese restaurant in the area which is further away than Siggy's, delivers to us without any problems.

RB again ordered the Turkey Burger, I had 3 Beans and Veggie Chili ($8, over brown rice), and we shared Macaroni & Cheese ($8, with whole grain pasta and organic cheese). The mac and cheese was delicious, and the ratio of cheese and pasta was just perfect. It tasted clean and less greasy than most mac and cheese I have eaten. The veggie chili was also comforting and had a clean flavor. I love that Siggy's offers American comfort food for health conscious people. I can really enjoy the tasty flavor without being sick or overstuffed. It is a bit overpriced, and it isn't exactly thrilling, but it is a very solid restaurant in the area. I would rather pay extra $2 for ogranic ingredients and avoid feeling ill later.

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