Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ramen Takumi 03-18-2010

Location: 90 University Pl.
Time: 9pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: After attending BLee's wonderful exhibition opening at Rubin Museum, I was ready for some ramen. This former Tokyo LaMen and Ramen Setagaya location is now called Ramen Takumi, but the interior and menu resembled Setagaya. In fact, everything looked the same except the name. I am not sure what's behind this name change, but we were curious to see how it differed from Setagaya.

With a similar menu including Setagaya's famous Tsukemen, I was still not sure what Takumi was all about. But when I saw Miso Yakisoba, I became increasingly excited. I have heard of people in Shizuoka and Tokyo regions enjoying this dish, but I have never tried miso flavored yakisoba before.

The dish came with overflowing amount of bonito flakes and half a soft boiled egg on top. After the bonito flakes' movement (as I call, Katsuobushi dance) subsided, I was finally able to see and dig into the noodles underneath. It was spicier and much soupier than I had expected, but it had an interesting mix of miso and yakisoba sauce flavor. It is not traditional yakisoba by any means. It would be nice if the sauce was thicker, and the cabbage and noodles to be more thinly cut, but it is always nice to try a new noodle dish.

RB ordered miso ramen with extra pork. He said it tasted pretty much the same as Setagaya's, but it was just less salty. I remember Setagaya's broth being quite salty, so I'm glad they took a notice.

I am not sure if Takumi was interesting or delicious enough for us to go back again, but the place was packed on Thursday night. If they keep this up, they will never have to change the name again! Or are they going to keep changing the name, and as a ramen blogger, I have no choice but to go back for a new report...

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