Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favorite Thing: Weetabix

Feelings: My usual cereal of choice is either Peanut Butter Bumpers or Barbara's Bakery Puffins, but this all changed when RB mentioned he tried Weetabix for the first time at work. I have wasted many years without realizing that I can obtain these delicious palm-sized whole grain breakfast biscuits in the U.S.

Weetabix can be consumed in many ways, and I love the versatility of its nature. It can be toasted, and with a little schmear (I recommend jam), it can be deliciously satisfying breakfast or snacks. Typically, however, Weetabix is served with milk, and you can adjust the crunchiness of the grain by breaking the biscuits and letting it soak up the milk.

My usual way is to let the whole biscuit soak in coconut milk for few seconds and slowly break it apart. This results in the perfect mixture of oh-so-crunchy and gushy deliciousness. RB, on the other hand, likes to treat it as purely cereal, and he completely breaks it apart as soon as he pours the coconut milk.

As you can see, Weetabix is a control freak's perfect breakfast of choice. You can eat it as you like.

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