Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kool Bloo 03-27-2010

Location: 188 Ave. A
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: There are four Kool Bloo locations in Manhattan, but I have never even heard or tried this 24 hour "healthful" fast food takeout joint. I am not too sure about the healthful part, but they certainly have every single type of American take out food possible on the menu; in other words, it is an ideal place for drunk food. They have everything from a diner breakfast menu, chicken, falafel, gyro, burritos, Philly cheese steak, BBQ, milkshakes, smoothies, salad, fries and jalapeno poppers. Both RB and I were overwhelmed with the extensive menu, but my eyes zeroed in on thing: seasoned curly fries.

After ordering the curly fries ($4.95) and grilled "Fire Cracker" ($10.95, grilled chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce, hot pepper, ranch, lettuce and tomato) for RB, we waited for about 5-10 minutes. Since there are no seating area or room to stand, it felt like forever, but then I realized that they were actually cooking everything we ordered, including the fries! It is not everyday you get freshly made fries to order at a takeout place.

When we opened a box of fries, a giant plume of steam almost prevented me from taking the food picture. There is nothing better than freshly made fries, but when they are perfectly cooked curly fries, they are even better. They were incredibly crispy and light and appropriately seasoned without too much salt. As we walked back to the train station with fries in our hands, every person that walked by us looked at them with much admiration. They were indeed curly fries named desire.

RB's chicken sandwich was large and tasty. He was given the option of either "crispy" or "grilled" and chose the healthier option. The chicken was seasoned with buffalo and hot sauce, but it wasn't over-sauced. It was pretty big and a decent chicken burger with mild heat and pretty solid flavor.

Kool Bloo must get a little insane in later hours with intoxicated people of East Village, and I am not sure how food turns out during late night. It is a bit overpriced, so if you want make sure to salvage their delicious fries, I would suggest going during off-peak hours.

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