Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to India 02-19-2010

Location: 369 Broome St.
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: RB gets some intensive Indian food craving at least once a week. Until recently, Sirtaj in Flatiron area was satisfying his craving, but ever since he started a new job in Soho, all he has been eating for lunch is sandwiches from Despana, Paris Bakery or Olive's and burritos from Calexico Cart. He finally found an Indian place near his work, 'Welcome to India', and decided to bring us home some take out for tasting. Menupages only lists three Indian restaurants in Soho, so this place's better be good, or he is in deep, deep trouble.

RB mentioned that the place somehow smelled like a Chinese restaurant. When I opened all the containers, I also smelled that distinctive, greasy Chinese take out smell. It is near Chinatown, but how can an Indian place smell like egg rolls?

I had Channa Masala ($5.95, chick peas), and RB bought himself Lamb Saag ($7.95 lamb with spinach), and we shared Vegetable Somosas ($1.50 for two). The rice was seasoned well with desired tenderness. I enjoyed my Channa Masala, but it tasted little bland and greasy. And I am not an expert on Indian cuisine, so I can't quite tell what's good or not, but it tasted clean nonetheless. The expert, RB thought the Lamb Saag was sour, and the lamb chunks were not very high quality. The somosas were greasy and tasted like egg rolls. Ah-ha! That is where the smell came from.

Poor RB, he did not quite welcome Welcome to India, and his once chance of having a nice Indian lunch is gone. Would he walk a distance to Tribeca to get his Indian food needs? Stay tuned.

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