Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delivery from Thai Sesame 01-01-2010

Location: 160 Smith St.
Time: 6pm

Feelings: Happy New Year! You might think I would enjoy some Japanese style New Year with Osechi, but I did not feel like spending $60 to order nor do I know how to cook such an elaborate meal. Instead, I decided to continue on my Thai restaurant journey in BoCoCa area. There are so many Thai joints in my neighborhood, but none can measure up to the quality of Poodam or Sripraphai in Queens. There seems to be quite the fish sauce and Thai spice shortage in Brooklyn and most dishes taste like Chinese food or sometimes even Italian food. (Joya's noodles really taste like pasta dish.) Can we please have at least one real Thai restaurant in the area?

Today I tried Thai Sesame on Smith Street. From the name of the place, it did not sound too promising. The prices are quite reasonable, at least $1-$2 cheaper than other places in the area. I ordered Pad Se Ew ($8), Thai Leek Dumplings ($4.95), and Fresh Basil Rolls ($3.95). The portions were quite large, and I wondered how they keep their business on Smith Street with such a great deal.

Unfortunately, I will have to continue my journey since they all tasted bland and monotonous. But out of three, the Thai Leek Dumplings reminded me of the authentic Thai dumplings, and I recommend them if you are ever at Sesame. Compared to other Thai places in the area, their dishes were not as greasy, which is a big plus.

My resolution this year seems to be to either to accept the Asian food that BoCoCa offers or keep my desperate journey. The latter sounds like a better fit for the sake of Ramen and Friends.


Gar said...

Happy New Year! I had a disappointing New Year lunch with my mom too. Oh well...

Maybe you should open up your own Thai place? Bet you'll get lots of business. :) What's your go to Thai dish? I used to be a curry gal, but not anymore. I usually go for the papaya salad. I prefer Vietnamese over Thai food actually. Looove summer rolls.

Yosh. O said...

I love anything with basil! Thus Pad Kee Mao is my fav.

I too like Vietnamese better... it's lighter and tastier for sure!!