Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Zuzu Ramen 12-16-2009

Location: 173 4th Ave. BK
Time: 7:30pm
People: AnCan, SuZ, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB and myself, another time with PMont!

Feelings: On cold winter nights, nothing can warm you up like a bowl of ramen. Like a true ramen blogger, I had a chance to visit Park Slope's only ramen shop, Zuzu Ramen twice in one week to really taste different flavors of their noodle dishes.

Zuzu Ramen is much smaller than I had expected, and it gave me the impression of a cozy neighborhood joint rather than a hip new ramen shop. The price, however, was more towards Manhattan rather than a local friendly less than $10 range. Although this is probably considered Gowanus, they do have Park Slope prices.

I was a bit confused by their table setting. They have stools and high wood tables fitted with renge spoons and mismatched chopsticks. At this point, I realized this would not be an authentic ramen shop experience. I don't enjoy slurping ramen on an uncomfortably high stool and picking noodles with mismatched chopsticks (oh, my mother would faint). Also, the renge spoon should be served in the ramen bowl and not on the table.

The menu was also rather small with only five noodle dishes, one rice dish and five appetizers. Usually when a small ramen shop serves a very small menu, each dish tends to be superb as if they reached the ultimate refinement of ramen nirvana.

I tried their vegetarian friendly soy garlic ramen ($9.50) and green curry-miso ramen ($10). I thoroughly enjoyed their chewy and eggy al dente noodles. They reminded me a lot of Ippudo's noodles. However, the broth was beyond salty to the point of feeling my fingers and eyelids puffing up. I was not a big fan of the flavor of green curry-miso. It somehow reminded me of lavender soap. I could taste a lot of spices, but it was still bland and just overpowered by salt. My friends thought it was overly salty as well. It is unfortunate that they lost the flavor of delicious ramen noodles in a salty brine.

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