Monday, December 14, 2009

Pizza Party at Pete's Candy Store 12-11-2009

Location: 709 Lorimer St, Pizza from Carmine's Pizza: 358 Graham Avenue
Time: 9pm
People: Friends

Feelings: To celebrate Christa's birthday on this brutally brisk winter day, Jody set up a surprise pizza party at Pete's Candy Store. He ordered ahead a pizza delivery from Carmine's Pizza, and we decorated our booth with balloons and signs. Pete's Candy can be really cramped especially on Friday nights, but it was nice to have our little booth with all her friends.

The cheese pizza from Carmine's (in Williamsburg, not the famous Carmine's from midtown) was greasy but definitely decent and traditional Brooklyn-New York style pizza. Unfortunately by the time we had a slice, it was cold, but we could still taste the tangy tomato sauce and enjoy the crispy crust. Having a nice neighborhood pizza reminded me of my favorite pizza joint, Rizzo's in Astoria. To this day, they are my favorite pizza place in the city. Queens sure is a food mecca of New York.

Happy Birthday Christa!

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