Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh! Taisho 11-06-2009

Location: 9 St. Marks Pl
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When I first moved to New York 10 years ago, my first New York friend JNu heard my okonomiyaki prayer and took me to Yakitori Taisho on St. Marks. Since then, I have been commuting there at least every other month to satisfy all my Osaka bar food cravings. In recent years, they opened another branch next door called "Oh! Taisho," which is identical to the original. Especially on weekends, you would have to wait for quite some time to be seated at both locations, so get there early. Also, your clothes and hair will absorb all the yakitori aroma, so don't go there before your hot date unless your date likes yakitori.

I have to say I was not happy with their service today. They ignored us and tried to seat the people who arrived after us, and they completely forgot my order of yakisoba ($7.50). It is very cramped and crowded here, so I assume the waitstaff was confused. The quality of food here is also declined a bit. I know that my fellow Japanese folks have been moving to Midtown East area to have authentic Japanese meal and Japanese hospitality instead of St. Marks, and I can understand why.

RB's yakitori set A ($13) was flavorful and seasoned well, but the beef was a bit too chewy. Tsukune (chicken meatballs) was as good as usual. My yakisoba was way too soupy and did not have enough thick sauce, but it did manage to satisfy my yakisoba craving.

Although I was disappointed by my overall experience here today, Taisho is still a good place to bring your out of town friends who are unfamiliar with Osakan street food. They do have the nice, authentic Izakaya atmosphere. But when I have that craving, I might stay in Midtown after work for more authentic Japanese food and service.

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