Saturday, September 19, 2009

Foodswings 09-18-2009

Location: 295 Grand Street, BK
Time: 7pm
People: Steven C, Rich, RB and myself

Feelings: After stopping at our friend, Chris Beaumont's Cubeecraft show at Too Art 4 TV, we had a quick bite to eat at vegan fast food joint, Foodswings. They had a very grungy, eclectic 90's vibe with their movie and band posters on the wall, and the menu selection was filled with vegan version of all the unhealthy fast food known to man.

RB and I went up to the counter and ordered The Buffalo Burger ($7.25, soy burger with Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion) and The Vegan Heart Attack ($7.25, soy burger with soy bacon, soy cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion with vegan mayo) and shared The Tank milkshake. ($4.50, chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, cookies) The Buffalo sauce was spicy and very flavorful, and the bleu cheese on the bottom brought all the flavors together. RB said The Vegan Heart Attack tasted closer to a meat burger than any other veggie burgers he had ever had but still didn't stack up with his favorite meat burgers. For the vegetarians who crave meat, this would be perfect, but for carnivores and people like myself who dislike the taste and texture of meat, this would be nothing quite special.

The milkshake was perhaps the best part of the meal. It was tasty and creamy without too much sugar, and I enjoyed the chunks of cookies and creamy peanutbutter texture.

Steven C kept saying his chili cheese dogs taste just meat, and Rich seemed to have discovered a new obsession with veganaise.

It was nice to know that RB and I would not have any lactose issues, but as we were eating, we realized that they were perhaps unhealthier than having quality meat burgers. With all the processed meat and cheeses, we felt like carrying rocks and pebbles in our stomachs on our way home.

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