Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Biryani Cart 08-21-2009

Location: 46th St./ 6th Ave.
Time: 1pm
People: GB, Osha and myself

Feelings: I read that the Biryani Cart was one of the finalists for the 2009 Vendy Award, so of course I had to try out with my midtown food cart buddies, Osha and GB.

I have always expected a food cart to be quick and easy for takeouts, but this place was a whole another ballgame during lunch time. If your life is a little too boring and orderly, head over to the Biryani Cart for a little excitement during your lunch hour. I am sure your adrenalin would be kicking in no time. There were two carts and a big crowd of people with business casual attire all around both of them. They all seemed to be just standing there and waiting for their food. It resembled the scene of 30-40 something men going to a rock show after work: they want to go nuts, but they are all contained because they are responsible grown-ups.

I was not sure which cart I was supposed to go to, but I stood near one of them with big confused sign on my face. There was no line or order, and you simply shouted out your order. This was the obsessive-compulsive Virgo's nightmare! I was ready to have a panic attack at any moment.

I asked for falafel on rice ($5.50), and they told me to go to the other cart. I shouted my order at the other cart and waited there for another 10-15 minutes without knowing what was happening. A lady behind me summed out the situation as, "A different planet. Complete chaos." I eventually got my falafel on rice, but I had no idea how the cart lady remembered my order or everyone else's. She must have a really high IQ.

The falafel was flavorful and not excessively greasy, and the spicy sauce and yogurt sauce on top complimented the falafel very well. The rice had tons of flavor, and the lettuce was extremely fresh. I should have gotten their famous kati rolls since I could pretty much get falafel on rice anywhere, but I was too overwhelmed by the civilly-chaotic mosh pit. Perhaps next time.

Osha and GB also enjoyed their meals. Osha said his kebab was very spicy but good, and GB enjoyed her veggie pita sandwich. Now I feel like they are my closer friends than ever. We stomached and survived the Biryani Cart experience together.

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