Monday, July 27, 2009

67 Burger 07-25-2009

Location: 67 Lafayette Ave.
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: We arrived early at BAM for Animation Block Party, where "Dragon's Claw" was being shown. We decided to walk around the Fort Greene area and get a quick bite to eat, and we came across famous 67 Burger.

I was intrigued by the beer milkshake on the menu. I especially love how they casually listed it as "milkshakes: vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/oreo/beer 4.25" like it has always been around for centuries. Alas, I did not try it since it was an hour before our important screening, but I am determined to go back for the beer milkshake with pocketful of Lactaid pills.

RB ordered a turkey burger with crumbled goat cheese, which is his healthier version of fat juicy cheese burger. It came on toasted sesame bun with red wine pickled onions. He said this moist and flavorful burger was the best turkey burger he has ever tasted, and this man eats quite a lot of turkey burgers. The buns were perfectly toasted, and the generous portion of creamy goat cheese and sweet onions complimented it well.

I was excited to see they offered curly fries. I have not had curly fries since Arby's in college, so this was a nice reunion. They were nicely seasoned and crispy. They used fresh oil, so they were not overcooked or soggy, and I was able to finish the fries without any heartburn before the screening!

Next time, it will be beer milkshake + sweet potato fries followed with another BAM screening.


Anonymous said...

this is great. how do i join your crew?

Yosh. O said...

find us on facebook!!