Monday, June 15, 2009

Rin 06-13-2009

Location: 265 West 23rd St.
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Formerly a Krispy Kreme and Burger & Cupcakes location is now the newest addition to the overwhelming Chelsea Thai scene, Rin. We were going to see Pixar's "Up" across the street, so we decided to try this conveniently located Thai restaurant. I absolutely love Thai food and eat it at least once a week, but when do we reach our quota of Thai restaurants in this city? Do we not have enough banks, fro-yo and Thai restaurants in Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea? I'm not a big fan of Krispy Kreme, but in this area, it would be a welcomed oddity. The only Krispy Kreme I know of these days is the one that smells like cheese in Penn Station. (Why does everything in Penn smell and taste like old cheese?) Where was I? Oh yes, RIN...

The decor of the restaurant was a bit corny, but the waterfall along the wall and the dim lighting gave a very relaxed ambiance to the place. It set the mood perfectly for a Pixar movie. Slightly, but not overly romantic, a bit cheesy and a bit corny, but you know it will satisfy you. And you will probably leave with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Unfortunately, my intuition was wrong. As we entered, we realized that it was staff's lunch time, which is of course perfectly reasonable. Despite this fact, the service was quite good. The veggie dumplings we ordered for appetizer, however, were not. Although presented very nicely, they were overcooked and hard to chew, and the sauce was extremely salty. Our Drunken Noodles were overcooked and over-sauced. It's fair to assume that if we returned during the regular dinner hour, the food would be better. Perhaps when Pixar releases their next movie, we'll try here again.

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