Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indian Taj Jackson Heights 06-04-2009

Location: 3723 74th St.
Time: 7pm
People: JLam from MeSoHungry, RB and myself

Feelings: JLam and I have been talking about Jackson Heights for quite some time, and we finally ventured out to the area for some dinner and of course a stop at Patel Brothers, the Indian grocery store. We saw some Tibetan and Nepalese restaurants and debated going to famous "Colombian Hooters,"(wait for our future post about that one!) but we eventually settled down at Indian Taj. Indian Taj was one of the few restaurants in the area offering a $10 buffet (Jackson Diner and Delhi Palace only offer buffet during lunch and weekends).

The staff was so polite and attentive that I wanted to order food instead of walking to the buffet. Also, being almost an exclusively water drinker, I loved that there was a big pitcher of water at every table. It is every waterholic's dream, especially at a buffet serving spicy food.

I enjoyed various veggie dishes, naan and carrot dessert. Channa masala, alu gobi, and rice palau, they were all very delicious. All the dishes were hot (temperature) unlike many buffet meals I came across in the past. I usually have to stay away from Indian food because it is often greasy and hurts my stomach, but their dishes were not greasy at all. They were flavorful and well spiced. RB enjoyed the juicy chili chicken, tandoori chicken and goat curry and kept going back for some more as he sipped his slightly sweet flavored Taj Mahal beer. I am not sure what JLam thought, so you are going to have to read his blog. After you finish here of course;)

After dinner, at Patel Brothers, I came across my favorite snack, "Rusk" also known as milk toast. RB teased me for being interested in such boring looking snacks, but as soon as he bit into it, he was a Rusk convert. They are sweet, buttery and go perfectly with a cup of tea. RB also picked up some frozen whole wheat Paratha.

As we walked back to the train, we began planning our next trip out to Jackson Heights... for Colombian Hooters, of course.


Gar said...

I used to love Indian food, but haven't had it for so long, now I know going back to it will seem a bit heavy for me too. Glad you had a good meal.

Yosh. O said...

Yeah.. I usually can't eat much Indian food either!