Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terakawa Ramen 05-21-2009

Location: 18 Lexington Ave.
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Terakawa Ramen opened two weeks ago, on the site of a former Teriyaki Boy, so RB and I decided to try right away. They have a lot of combo menus ($12) such as ramen with curry and ramen with gyoza as well as a lot of non-ramen dishes like chiken karaage and katsu curry in case your friends don't care for ramen. (I think you should dump those friends.)

RB ordered miso ramen with mini curry combo, and I got hiyashi chuka. The ramen here is quite basic, and it reminded me a lot of Men-Kui Tei dishes. It was nothing spectacular except the noodles had more egg flavor than other places. I wished the veggies on hiyashi chuka was more fresh. The curry tasted exactly like the one from Teriyaki Boy... with just one piece of carrot in it. Is it owned by the same people of Teriyaki Boy, or did they leave bunch of curry behind for Terakawa to use?

We also split gyoza, which turned out to be quite good. They were flavorful and perfectly crispy, and the dipping sauce comlimented the garlic flavor of gyoza. My father always said you cannot eat gyoza without a cold glass of beer. Unfortunately, Tarakawa did not have a liquor license yet, so we had to go with iced oolong tea instead. Hopefully, when we go back there in the future, we can obey his gyoza rule.

We had not seen any ramen shops in Gramercy or 23rd street area, so it is nice to see the ramen population increasing! Setagaya recently opened another place on University Place, so it is only a matter of time before ramen replaces pizza as New Yorkers' food of choice.... or possibly not.


mm said...

drool drool drool!

TXC said...

I went there yesterday, and had 3 orders of the gyoza at the Sunday special price of $1.50 per order. Also the Sapporo Draft pints were $2 (through the remainder of April), so I followed the gyoza and beer rule completely inadvertently. I was also amazed by the sesame seed grinders at each table, which I had never seen before!

Yosh. O said...

I love the sesame seed grinders there!!