Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Burger Creations 05-13-2009

Location: 44 E. 8th St
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: RB is an burger hunter (his all time favorite is NY Burger in Chelsea), and he found yet another burger place to try called Burger Creations. Since I don't eat meat, I usually kindly ask him to have his burger fix during lunch at work. After checking their menu, I noticed they have vegetarian options, so we decided to head down to the NYU area to try their burgers.

I have many food weaknesses: Noodles, hazelnut flavored anything, coffee, pesto, macarons, okonomiyaki AND brioche. When I found out they serve their burgers with brioche buns, I was ecstatic. I ordered a salmon mushroom burger with wasabi mayo on a much anticipated brioche bun and a small house salad. The salmon smelled a little fishy, but it was crispy on the outside and quite tasty inside. Unfortunately the brioche bun was not as good and fluffy as I had expected, but I enjoyed it much more than a usual burger bun. I did not expect much from the house salad of Mescrun greens and walnuts with blue cheese, but it ended up being fresh with subtle flavor of homemade sherry vinegarette dressing. I should learn to stop expecting so much from my food weaknesses.

RB ordered a turkey cordon bleu with fries. The turkey cordon bleu, turkey burger with sliced ham and swiss, was a little bland, but it had a good texture and was lighter than expected and quite decent. He thought the brioche was buttery and complimented the turkey quite well. I see he is not as obsessive and particular about brioche as I am.

Perhaps the best thing from Burger Creations is their fries. They were extremely crisp and well seasoned. They were fresh too and tasted of good oil, so we did not get an after-fry heartburn.

This NYU friendly burger joint offers a quick and easy casual burger dining experience with healthy options and addictively crisp fries. The price is about what you would expect from a mid-tier burger joint. It is always nice to find more than one option of non meat dishes besides just veggie burger at a burger joint.

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