Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vitamin Water 10 Dest10nation 04-04-2009

Location: 626 Broadway
Time: 3pm
People: MK, RR and myself

Feelings: After our usual vegan friendly brunch at Spring Natural and defeated by the absurdly long line at Top Shop, we came across Vitamin Water 10's experience space near Houston street. We saw a lovely lady in short-shorts dancing with a little girl in a window showcase, and we had to see what was all about. Also we expected we could probably sample their new drinks.

The space is set up to promote Vitamin Water's new low calorie version, Vitamin Water 10. There was a cute retro lounge seating area with Nintendo Wii, foosball table, mural of the number 10 made with bottles, and even a photo booth. Recycling trash cans throughout the space were also a nice touch. After tasting their "xxx - acai-blueberry-pomegranate" flavor, we could not believe it only contained 10 calories per serving as the name suggested. It still had a very good citrus flavor but without all that sticky sugary after taste that made me stay away from Vitamin Water drinks.

Who needs Top Shop when you can have it all without spending a penny? Free Vitamin Water 10, lounging around, free video games, and free photo booth pictures with your friends! I am sure in a month or so, the craze for Top Shop will die down, and with this new Vitamin Water 10, we will be Kate Moss skinny in time.

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