Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Favorite Thing: Soy Pudding 04-30-2009

Feelings: I love pandas and panda related products. I love chocolate pudding. I am lactose intolerant. When you put all these variables together, it is absolutely no brainer that it led me to ZenSoy's Soy Pudding! How can you resist this cute packaging of a panda named Su-Lin eating pudding? The pudding itself is a bit too sweet (21grams of sugar), and I would want more cocoa flavor, but it has a very creamy texture and sure tastes much better than jell-o or any other store bought pudding products I have ever tried.

ZenSoy not only produces many other organic soy products but also are quite committed on preserving endangered pandas. Eating tasty vegan pudding while helping cute pandas makes sense to me!

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