Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dream from Fika 02-25-2009

Location: 41 W. 58th St
Time: 6pm
People: AP and myself

Feelings: It was three years ago when my Swedish friend KN took me to this quaint little Swedish cafe. Ever since then, it has been our after work oasis. We have been there so often that we could even recognize all of the model-esque Swedish waitstaff behind the bar. I am very protective of this place's "low key" atmosphere, so I am truly hesitant to write about this here on R&F, but I have to share the love...
Today, AP accompanied me to pick up some just desserts. My favorite Swedish cookie, Drommar ("Dream Cookie") was simultaneously soft and flaky, and it melted deliciously in my mouth. The Hallongrotta and Kokostopp were both soft, light, and not excessively sweet. Every little bite was dreamy and satisfying. I think I shall have the leftover chocolate cake for breakfast tomorrow.

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