Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saburi Night 01-06-2009

"New Year Ramen and Turtle Sake"
Location: 168 Lexington Ave.
Time: 7pm
People: 14 Ramen and Friends: GB, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB, MGru, ALev, MLev, JT, Rich, JBH, BLee, TrishP, AnCan, SuZK and myself

Feelings: We kicked off the Ramen and Friends' new year at "Waku Chuka" (Japanese style Chinese food) restaurant, Saburi in Murray Hill. As we walked in, "Turtle Sake" jar caught everyone's eyes as an actual deceased turtle floated in the jar of house sake. Since our wait staff warned us how strong it is and also its costliness, no one tried the drink, which was a bit of disappointment.

The chef here who was an apprentice of Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, did a fantastic job presenting hearty and healthier version of Chinese food with a Japanese twist. All the appetizers were reminiscent of Izakaya tapas style dishes with Chinese origin. The ramen was not overly greasy but had good flavors. The noodles seemed slightly overcooked for my taste, but it still had a bit of chewy texture. RB's Unagi-Don (Eel with Rice) was perhaps the winner of the night. The broiled tender eel with rice was cooked in hot stone pot, and the sauce was flavorful and addictive.

Overall, it was a perfect spot for Ramen and Friends' first outing of 2009.

Post Ramen Dessert: Cafe Ele 43 W 32nd St
Feelings: We enjoyed observing the Lilly Tea blossom in the water. (as pictured.)

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