Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tia Pol Night 11-19-2008

"Long wait, nice staff & good food"

Location: 205 10th Avenue
Time: Started waiting at 7:20, seated at 8:30
People: JR, JV (congrats JV!), and myself

Feelings: Tia Pol is a tiny Spanish Tapas restaurant in West Chelsea where you'd have at least 45 minute wait. Thankfully, there is a cozy bar where you can catch up with your friends and observe what other guests are ordering. After a long wait, quite a traditional and appealing tapas menu awaits. Suggested by the extremely knowledgeable and amicable waiter, we ordered four tapas plates: Patatas Bravas (potatoes with aioli), Garbanzos Fritos (fried chickpeas), Txipirones en Su Tinta (squid in ink with rice), Croqutas with pumpkins. While our favorite was Txipirones en Su Tinta, they all contained bold and complex flavors. Tia Pol is a Tapas heaven where you can catch up with your old friends over nice wine and delicious dishes...but you must have at least three to four hours to spare. If you are in rush, this is not the place for you.

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