Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kyotofu Night 11-13-2008

"To Tofu or not to-fu?"

Location: 705 9th Ave
Time: 7pm
17 Ramen and Friends: PMont, PeeWee, GB, Jaye, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB, MGru, Johan, JT, Rich, ZK, Sujin, JH, Steve, Jennifer & TA, and myself

Feelings: Kyotofu is a chic dessert restaurant that specializes in tofu and soy based dessert. They also offer small savory tasting menu, which was pleasant but unexciting. The Chicken and Tofu Sliders really tasted like White Castle for some reason, and unagi wrapped in phyllo dough was tasty but completely masked the flavors of unagi. For dessert, we all enjoyed various kinds of tofu and soy plates. The "Warm Miso Chocolate Cake" was probably the favorite among our table while Yuzu & Backberry Anmitsu caught people's attention with its interesting texture. Overall, this is a great dessert restaurant for non dairy seekers. But other than that, it missed its mark. I feel this place has a vibe of a stereotypical Hell's Kitchen restaurant's attempt to be unique and trendy. Every plate was good, but was lacking major umami.

Feelings towards their service: I hope the service at this place will improve. They were completely under-staffed, and in addition, our waiter was extremely inexperienced and inattentive. Also, we had three separate checks for our group, and we were all charged with a group service charge, even for the table of two.

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