Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chai Halloween Lunch 10-31-2008

"Halloween lunch with Peewee"

Location: 930 8th Ave
Time: 12:30
People: Showtime Ops! (Peewee Herman, Jem, the Misfits, Pirate, and Banker)

Feelings: The Showtime Ops Crew got dressed up for Halloween and headed out for another delightful Thai lunch. This Thai fusion spot offers clean minimalist decors, quick service, and great lunch specials. $6.95 for fresh appetizer and flavorful entree is hard to beat in Midtown West. It is indeed a very small cramped space with limited seating, so I recommend takeout instead...unless you have Peewee with you. You can have seats anywhere if you take Peewee.

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