Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seltzer Night and Wu Yiang Ye 08-11-2008

"Which one has seafood? PMc is allergic"

Location: 36 W 48th St
Time: 9pm
People: JL of MeSoHungry, AG, PM, JT, KN, JR, PMc, CG, RB and myself

Feelings: Excellent seafood noodle soup & Mei Fun. The Bok choy and braised shiitake JL ordered was one of the best I've had in the city. PMc is allergic to seafood, but she successfully left the restaurant without any use of an EpiPen.

Pre-Noodle Drinks: Rink Bar, Rockefeller Center
Feelings: Bar at Rockefeller Center!? You would think it'd be a terrible tourist trap, but it is actually a good after work hang out that is surprisingly uncrowded. (but it was Monday...) They have good drink specials for Happy Hour, and decor is very.."beer garden for venture capitalists".

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